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  1. Jun 08,  · Amygdala (Original Version) · Dalo Audiokult Summer ℗ Audiokult Released on: A R T I S T: Dalo L Y R I C I S T, C O M P O S E R: Dalo Auto-generated by YouTube.
  2. Shown to perform a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making and emotional responses (including fear, anxiety, and aggression), the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system. The term amygdala was first introduced by Karl Friedrich Burdach in MeSH: D
  3. The name amygdala is derived from the Greek word amygdale, meaning “almond,” owing to the structure’s almondlike shape. The amygdala is located in the medial temporal lobe, just anterior to (in front of) the hippocampus. Similar to the hippocampus, the amygdala is a paired structure, with one located in each hemisphere of the brain.
  4. Oct 16,  · The amygdala (Latin Corpus amygdaloideum) is the limbic brain structure that is positioned in the part of the brain marked as the temporal lobe. It was named after the Greek word amygdalē, which means almond (1). Its name comes from its shape. Namely, this part of the brain is an almond-shaped area that belongs to the limbic system.
  5. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure located within the anterior portion of the temporal lobes, comprising a component of the limbic system and known to play a part in controlling emotion, motivation, and memory. From: Social Anxiety (Third Edition),
  6. Jun 10,  · The amygdala is one of a pair (the amygdalae) of small clusters of nuclei located in the temporal lobe of the brain. It performs a primary role in decision-making and the processing of emotional responses such as aggression, anxiety and fear. Wikimedia Commons (CC BY).
  7. Amygdala are monstrous entities with spider-like bodies, a short tail and a head which is very similar to a part of the brain called the Amygdaloid. Their many bulbous eyes bulge when they use arcane attacks. They have six-fingered hands on their seven arms, and reptilian talons on their two legs. Many also sport tendrils on their faces.
  8. Jul 17,  · The amygdala is an almond-shaped mass of nuclei (mass of cells) located deep within the temporal lobesof the brain. There are two amygdalae, one situated in each brain hemisphere. The amygdala is a limbic systemstructure that is involved in many of our emotions and motivations, particularly those that are related to survival.

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