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  1. Being under the influence of a depressant (IE Alcohol) and needing to quickly pick yourself via a stimulant (IE Cocaine) up for a particular reason.
  2. Banana Boat is a Polish a cappella sextet, authoring and performing original songs representing the genre of clerdijederquocom.lowsmasiptigotiledanmortmisdihe.co one of the pioneers of the new genre, the group retains its simultaneous focus on contemporary interpretations of traditional sea shanties and maritime music. Owing to its characteristic six-part, jazzy harmony, departing from the traditional sound of the music of the Genres: A Cappella, Folk music, Sea Shanties.
  3. Alan Arkin, who went on to fame as an actor, was a member of The Tarriers. Their version was a combination of the traditional "Banana Boat Song" and a Jamaican folk song called "Hill and Gully Rider." Shirley Bassey used the same arrangement on her version and became the first to chart with the song in the UK, hitting #8.
  4. When my late mother used it, she meant the same as you're not pulling the wool over my eyes, basically it meant - you may think you can fool me, but you can't, the only race thing it eluded to, was the caribbean people who came over in the 40's, 50's and 60's who believed they were coming to a better life, and would be welcomed with open arms, and not the racist attitude they met.
  5. Banana Boat® sun protection products provide broad-spectrum protection at the beach, pool, at a picnic or whenever you’re outdoors. We’ve got you covered.
  6. My neighbour says "do you think I just got off the boat" when he thinks someone is trying to put one over on him, he is from Ireland so I think it is just a don't you city folk think us country folk are thick. If someone is racist then they can use even the most innocuous of things as an insult.
  7. Song: Harry Belafonte - Day-o (Banana Boat Song) Movie: Beetlejuice () Watch FULL HD p version: clerdijederquocom.lowsmasiptigotiledanmortmisdihe.co?v=nN5lIEcbXpM Lyrics: Da.
  8. Aug 28,  · im not sure but here in the philippines, there's a water sport we call the banana boat ride where you ride on a rubber boat shaped like a banana and it's dragged by a fast boat. the aim of the ride is to let all the passengers fall to the sea and so you all scramble back to the top of the banana to get a ride again. it's fun!
  9. A banana I brought to sea. it was an honest gesture a noble means of nutrition I had no ill intent I brought fruit of my own volition. Please forgive my idiocy I meant my friends no harm We just want to go fishing and go home with a sore arm. We beg of you to release the curse upon which I have brought In your honor I consume these bananas.

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