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  1. Sep 23,  · Begin by setting up a small altar for Woden. Anything that reminds you of Woden, or calls His canon of sacred stories to mind is appropriate.
  2. Words of Radiance (mentioned), Oathbringer. Odium is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium. He was originally held by Rayse and was - for a time - one of the three Shards located on Roshar. Odium is now trapped on Braize and has ten magic systems (i.e., Voidbindings).Abilities: Splintering, Voidbinding.
  3. The odium ward (or) is obtained by using a ward upgrade kit on an odium ward. It is a cosmetic addition, and provides the same bonuses as a regular odium ward, and becomes untradeable. The ward may be made tradeable again by right-clicking "Revert", returning it back to .
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  5. The odium ward is a range-class shield that requires at least 60 Defence to wield. It offers the third best ranged attack bonus for the shield slot in the game, succeeded by the dragonfire ward and the twisted buckler. Players can use a ward upgrade kit, obtained from the Bounty Hunter Store, to cosmetically enhance the odium ward, creating an odium ward (or).
  6. Definition of odium. 1: the state or fact of being subjected to hatred and contempt as a result of a despicable act or blameworthy circumstance. 2: hatred and condemnation accompanied by loathing or contempt: detestation. 3: disrepute or infamy attached to something: opprobrium.
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  8. Odium Rituale () Deus Maligno Tyranus () > Seol discography (misc) Odium Rituale () The Covenant () > Seol discography (all) Odium Rituale () Whisper of the Nocturnal Wind () > Ascensus to Forgotten Dreams in the Forest of Depressiva Luxuria.
  9. The odium ward (or) is an odium ward with a ward upgrade kit attached to it. The kit gives no additional bonuses, and is only used to add aesthetics to the ward. It costs 1,, for both the parts to make the odium ward (or). While the ward is untradeable in its ornamented state, it can be reverted anytime, returning the odium ward.

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