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  1. A small hammer, usually with a soft rubber head, used to tap the body part directly, or with a plessimeter, in percussion of the chest or other body area. Synonym (s): percussor, plexor. [G. plēssō, to strike] .
  2. Percussor Therapeutic Device The Erchonia Percussor device is a hand-held mechanical adjustment/therapy device that is supplied complete – with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.
  3. Manual Percussor Cups by Halyard Health. Manufacturer: Avanos Medical, Inc. Compare. View Item List. Neocussor G5 Percussor by Tri-Anim Health. Manufacturer: General Physiotherapy Inc. Compare View Item List. FLUID FLO with DISS Medical Oxygen Fitting by Med Systems.
  4. Handheld, variable-speed percussor ; Provides gentle, mechanical CPT to remove secretions from a patient's lungs.
  5. The Percussor is a hand-held instrument that distributes waves of percussive impulses deep into the tissues of the body which promotes an increase in lymphatic flow and circulation. Percussion also can be used to decrease muscle spasm, release joints, and to loosen up Location: Route 6A Orleans, MA United States.
  6. a person, animal, or thing that goes before and indicates the approach of someone or something else; harbinger: The first robin is a precursor of spring.
  7. The G5 Vibracare Percussor is our durable, hand-held percussor used in respiratory therapy applications. Totally self-contained, and weighing less than three pounds, it provides optimal freedom of movement and portability with a ten foot hospital grade power cord.
  8. Apr 29,  · Soft vinyl percussors for performing chest physiotherapy help provide uniformity and consistency from one user to the next. Neonatal and pediatric sizes are packaged individually. Medium and large sizes are packaged in pairs.
  9. Precursor Has Latin Roots With its prefix pre-, meaning "before", a precursor is literally a "forerunner", and in fact forerunner first appeared as the translation of the Latin praecursor. But the two words function a little differently today. A forerunner may simply come before another thing, but a precursor generally paves the way for something.

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